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Hello, we are Gabo and Ale. We were sent as missionaries by Horizon Church to Senegal in West Africa. We came to Senegal in April 2018, and we hope to be here many years Lord willing.

Senegal is a Muslim country with a population of 12 million people. It belongs to a French-speaking region and multiple ethnic languages. Many young people are coming to Christ every year. For that reason, discipleship is very important.


Along with Horizon Church, we started a ministry called Keur Diam (House of Peace). where we are dedicated to biblical formation of believers to support them in the task of multiplying disciples and planting churches in Senegal. Our activities focus on discipleship, Bible training and leadership, meetings for Christian youth, mission meetings, among others.


Mission: Keur Diam is a program of discipleship, teaching and theological training to collaborate in the task of making disciples in the interior of Senegal.


Vision: To promote the spontaneous multiplication of a local, healthy and autonomous Senegalese church. 


We currently have several people being discipled at the house, and we are constantly visiting villages every week to do evangelism and to connect with local Christians in order to provide the training they need.


Keur Diam is an interdenominational ministry, in collaboration with Horizon Church, Fedemec and PM International.

If you would like to partner with us financially, we offer two ways to do so:

1) Download the information for any giving from the US. This is tax deductible.
2) Giving through Costa Rica accounts will be done through our mission organization Fedemec. Click the link below to view the giving portal.

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