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General Information

Q. How will participating with SITC benefit my student?

A. Soul in the City exists to equip students to live out their faith through serving their community and engaging the needs of the culture. Students will also have opportunities to develop their leadership skills and create meaningful relationships with other students.


Q. What types of activities will my student engage in?

A. Campers will have opportunities to serve the community throughout the week, engage in teaching and worship, and build friendships during free time and special events.


Q. What is the cost?

A. Payment is non-refundable. The cost is $100 per student and is due by July 1st, 2019. Please email Todd Yancey at for information about scholarships.

Q. What does the cost cover?

A. Accommodations for the week, breakfast lunch and dinner each day, special events, transportation to service sites/special events, SITC original T-shirt.


Q. What is the student arrival and departure schedule?

A. Students should arrive on Sunday, July 7th, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to be ready for the opening event at 5 p.m. For departure, students should be picked up between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 11th.


Q. Will my child be able to leave during the week?

A. Students are not allowed to come and go from Soul in the City. Once they have arrived, we expect your son or daughter to participate from July 7th-July 11th unless an extenuating circumstance is arranged prior to Soul in the City starting.


Packing Guidelines

Packing List

Q.   What does my child need to bring?

A.   Please see “Packing List” link above.


Q.   Does my child need to bring money?

A.   There will be a snack bar open in the afternoons.


Q.   What should they leave at home?

A.   Please do not bring electronics (including cell phones). Please do not bring food – it will not be allowed in the dorm.


Sleeping and Transportation Arrangements

Q.   What are the sleeping arrangements?

A.   Campers will be sleeping inside the church with separate sleeping areas for guys and girls. Separate bathrooms and showers will also be available.


Q.   What are your transportation arrangements?

A.   Students will be transported in vans and other large vehicles, depending on how many students are needed at each service site. All drivers will be required to have a clean driving record and a clean background check.



Q.   What is your procedure if there is a discipline problem?

A.   Please see Activity Contract in the application packet for information on rules and discipline.  Rules are non-negotiable and, if violated, parents or guardian will be notified and student will be sent home at their expense.


Security and Emergency Procedures

Q.   What kind of security will you have at the church? At worksites?

A.   Volunteer counselors will be with students at all worksites and during all off campus activities, as well as at the church. We also have a security guards in place for the safety of students. Background checks will be done on all volunteers interacting with students.


Q.   Will I be able to be in contact with my student during the week?         

A.   Emergency phone numbers will be provided. We do not want the distraction of cell phones during the week, so students are asked to leave all electronic devices at home.


Q.   What if my student needs medication or medical help?

A.   Please list all medications on the application form. Medications will be dispensed by a licensed medical volunteer. We will also have licensed and trained medical volunteers on call 24 hours a day. Please see application for more detailed information.


Q.   What if there’s an emergency?

A.   All volunteers will have cell phones for safety and communication. Those listed on the emergency card for the student will be called if there is an emergency. If there is an emergency at home that the student needs to be aware of, please call the number provided.


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